“Bio-Uniq’s“ aim is to make profit BUT is it obligatory to benefit the world while generating the cash flow.

«Air» - Biofuel – reduces the use of fossil fuels and carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

«Soil» - Biofertilizers – improves soil, naturally restores its fertility.

«Water» - Biologics/ Wastewater treatment – increases the amount of clean freshwater in nature.

«Bio-Unique» - uses biofuel to produce clean energy on the domestic market, exports and consistently supplies sunflower, wood and straw pellets (granules) and briquettes to Ukrainian companies, budgetary organizations and frequent users.

Our company has been working on the alternative fuel market since 2009 and has been a manufacturer, import-export trader and domestic market operator.

Since 2014 Bio-Unique has been an importer and exporter of biofertilizers, has supplied organic fertilizers (liquid and granulated biohumus, humified compost, vermicompost) to Ukrainian consumers and taken part in production programmes.

«Bio-Unique» undertakes series of actions to remove pollutants in industrial wastes of food enterprises, animal husbandry and other companies.


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